Streamyx BlockBuster Deals
FREE RM75 Activation Fee & RM88 Installation Fee


Streamyx BlockBuster Deals is a new amazing package which offers 24/7 broadband service with FREE wireless modem which enables mobility at home, and FREE Dect phone. You will enjoy FREE calls nationwide and lowest call rates to mobile.


 Telekom Malaysia Berhad TM, is the largest integrated solutions[clarification needed] provider in Malaysia, and one of Asia's leading communications companies  Streamyx is the ADSL which offers download speeds of 384kbps, 512kbps, 1Mbps, 2Mbps and 4Mbps.
Kedai TMnet Streamyx TM net Streamyx 8Mbps






Streamyx Blockbuster RM110, RM130, RM140 and RM160 packages are with:

  • FREE Wireless Modem - 1 year warranty
  • FREE cordless phone (to self collect from any TM Point 1 month later)
  • FREE unlimited calls to all TM fixed lines within whole Malaysia
  • 10 cents per minute calling Non TM fixed lines & all mobile lines
  • applicable to existing fixed line owner and also new fixed line applicants
  • Streamyx 4Mbps or Streamyx 8Mbps shall be entitled to PURCHASE HyppTV Ruby Pack or Aneka Pack or Varnam Pack at RM30 per month
  • Minimum Subscription Period for every successful subscription of Streamyx 8 Mbps is twenty four (24) months and 1Mbps, 2Mbps and 4Mbps is twelve (12) months and effective from the activation date of the Services.

NOTE: Please read and understand the following terms and conditions:

  • This site is especially for new streamyx registration only.
  • If you are already a streamyx user, and would like to upgrade or downgrade,you must do it at the nearest TM Point.
  • For customers with existing fixed line, if the streamyx applicant is the owner of the phone line, the application will be processed immediately.
  • If the applicant is not the phone owner, please email to applicant's IC copy to prove the identity.
  • Once you apply Streamyx Blockbuster packages, you no longer need to pay the RM25 fixed line rental anymore, all you pay monthly is One Price, eg. RM110.
  • For new phone line application, you are required to email a copy of your IC to will need to pay in the first bill the standard charges of RM75 for deposit and RM10 for stamp duty. If you are applying for basic packages (not any of the blockbuster packages) you will need to pay additional RM50 for phone line activation.
  • NOTE: the deposit for phone line application for non-Malaysian is RM1,075.
  • RM30 cash to be paid to the TM contractor for installing the phone. If additional wiring is needed, the charges will be RM50 or more.



** You can also download the form below and email back to

[Note: Our online registration is for new streamyx registration only. Existing user must upgrade at the nearest TM Point.]



Broadband Packages For Business
Streamyx fixed Ip package
The minimum subscription period for All Business Broadband Package is 24 months


Why Register Online with Us?


1. Waived RM75 activation Fee.

2. Waived RM88 installation fee, even if you choose contractor install (only for BlockBuster Deals packages).

3. No Registration Fee.

4. We can help you register your phone line and Streamyx together.

5. No upfront payment and charges. Same when you walk in to TM Point to register.

6. No queueing up at the TM Points!
Save your time, save your money (transportation cost) & save your effort. 

7. Register at your convenient time, wherever you are!
24 hours a day, 7 days a week!No Registration Fee.

8. We bear the Poslaju charges if there is a modem to be sent to you!
- We understand that most people are working during Poslaju delivery hours, we can arrange for Poslaju to deliver to your work place or whereever convenient.


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Tel : 1300-88-9515


What is TMnet Streamyx?

TMnet Streamyx is the brand name of the broadband services own and operates by TM (formerly known as Telekom Malaysia). TM's high speed data carrying network crisscrossing the entire nation. Thus Streamyx can offer users a high speed broadband internet access regardless of their location within Malaysia. Streamyx broadband access service which provides álways on'connection to the Internet with speed bandwidths from 384kbps up to 4mbps. 

TMnet Streamyx is a type of "wired" broadband, the data packages are transmit via hardwire from the point of user to the international gateway. Therefore, the users can expect a fairly uniform bandwidth allocation at all time and not adversely affected by the weather, location or altitude. With the high-speed connectivity / bandwidth, the service is ideal to support most broadband applications such as, web hosting, video streaming, e-commerce, distance learning and others.

Basically, the service will benefit mostly the:

  • Residential customers with heavy Internet usage who have been using the net via 56kbps dial-up or ISDN.
  • Small businesses that have been using analog dial Internet access but actually need higher bandwidth, but not at higher cost. For instance, SMEs, SOHOs and telecommuters that have different applications such as e-commerce, web hosting, distance learning, serious Internet surfing and etc.
  • Large businesses that require Internet access with high business grade service to support mission critical applications like e-commerce, net-meetings, streaming audio/video, portal service, web hosting, and access to the company LAN for telecommuting employees, extranet for valued customers and business partners



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